Luxury yurt camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the comfort and luxuries of home. These are the top ten reasons that the best way to experience nature is by staying in a luxury yurt. 

1. Nature at Your Doorstep

Step outside your luxury yurt, and you’re immediately surrounded by natural beauty. From the trees in the daytime to the stars at night, you’ll feel the restorative magic of nature right at your doorstep. 

2. A Bed and Breakfast Experience

Luxury yurt camping feels like a B&B experience—you’re not roughing it, and you have all the amenities you want at hand, along with plenty of little luxuries. 

3. Glamping: Better Than Camping

While traditional camping often comes with sleeping on the ground in a tent with no access to running water, yurt camping is nothing like that. It’s a true glamping experience.


4. Comfortable Bed and Furnishings

In a luxury yurt, you have a spacious, real bed to sleep in. You’ll also enjoy living room furniture, a table for your meal, and beautiful lighting and décor.


5. A Retreat to Come Home To

After a full day of hiking and exploring the outdoors, your yurt beckons. Come home to a cozy retreat and enjoy a hot shower and comfy linens. 


6. Panoramic Views

When you’re yurt camping, you’re surrounded by inspiring views everywhere you look. You don’t even have to leave to see beautiful nature scenery. 

7. Peace and Quiet

Unlike at a hotel, when you’re in a yurt, you don’t have neighbors right next to you, which means you can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet. 

8. Spa-Style Bathroom

Luxury yurts come with complete bathrooms, letting you enjoy a spa experience after a full day out in nature. 

9. Stay Connected

WiFi and TV are usually available with yurt camping, enabling you to stay connected. 

10. An Immersive Experience

There’s nothing quite like being in the midst of nature, and a yurt gives you a fully immersive experience while still providing you with luxury and comfort. 

Our Luxury Yurt Accommodations

If you’re ready to experience nature at its best without giving up comfort, luxury yurt camping is the way to go. Escalante Yurts offers comfort in the great outdoors of Southern Utah. Book with us today.