General Policies

  1. Our larger yurts (Cottonwood and Cedar), may only accommodate up to 9 guests. Please do not bring more than 9 guests for these yurts. Additionally, the smaller yurts (Aspen, Willow, and Ash) can only accommodate up to 5 guests. Please plan on booking the larger rooms or multiple yurts if you require more space.
  2. Due to fire and safety regulations, no more than the amounts listed above will be permitted to stay in each Yurt. Guests are only permitted to sleep within the Yurts or on the decking areas as per your reservation. Tents or other sleeping arrangements outside of the decking area is prohibited. Guests that are unaccounted for during the booking process will be subject to additional fees in the amount of $20 per-person, per-night over the allowable per-yurt guest amount. Any guests above the allowable amount will be refused accommodations or face additional surcharges as per the discretion of management.
  3. We cannot accommodate any pets on our property unless they are a documented requirement for disability. This DOES NOT include emotional support pets. Proper documentation will be required should you require a support animal during your stay.
  4. Smoking anywhere on the property is prohibited.
  5. We take no responsibility or liability for injuries incurred while on Escalante Yurts property. Please be mindful of your surroundings and take care to supervise children.
  6. Shoes are to be removed upon entering the yurts. We hope to keep these yurts in top condition for future guests.
  7. “Quiet Time” shall be observed daily from 10PM to 7AM.
  8. Please do not tamper with or otherwise damage any areas of the property. This includes cutting or carving trees, gathering wood for fires, digging or manipulation of the ground in any way, or otherwise disturbing the surrounding natural areas. Damages incurred due to tenant behavior, including theft, will result in additional charges at the discretion of management.

Any violations of these policies or any behavior deemed as violent, harassing, offensive, or otherwise unwanted may result in immediate removal from the property, with or without a refund. Any damages incurred by the tenant will be charged accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us at or for any modifications or cancellations to your booking. The cancellation refund schedule is below.


At least 14 days prior to arrival – 100% Refund

Within 14 days of arrival – No Refund