Glamping in a yurt is an amazing experience, and many people prefer the yurt life over traditional tents. It’s helpful, however, to familiarize yourself with just what the yurt experience comes with and what it doesn’t. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 things you should know if you’re a first time yurt-er! 

1. Escalante Yurts Provides All Bedding and Linens 

Some glamping companies, like Escalante Yurts, provide the bedding for you, so that you don’t have to worry about packing extra. Just bring your own clothes and your spirit of discovery.

But other yurt providers ask that you bring your own bedding so that they don’t have to take care of it between guests. Since it makes a big difference in your packing, this is a must-know item. 

2. Pet Policy: At Escalante Yurts, We Prefer Pets Stay Home

Just like with national or state parks, the rules for yurt experiences vary regarding pets. If you want to bring your best friends with you for a yurting experience, you need to make sure the company you’re booking with allows your pet to stay in the yurt with you. 

If not, it looks like Fido gets a vacay too! It might be time to look for a petsitter or a doggie daycare facility where Fido can have his own fun while you’re off on your adventure. At Escalante Yurts, we love pets, but not in the yurt. Let Fido have a vacation too!

3. The Amenities That are Included

As with any other hotel or campsite, you’ll want to know the amenities that are included with your stay. For example, some campsites provide fire pits while others don’t, some provide maps of hiking trails, and so on. It’s the same way with yurts. 

Some facilities, like Escalante Yurts, provide WiFi, kitchen facilities ranging from a kitchenette to full-size kitchens (depending on the size of the yurt), and even a hearty breakfast. But others expect you to go off-grid, find your own food or cook over an open fire, and don’t even think about asking for roasting sticks. Since it affects your planning, you’ll need to know what exactly is included in your yurt experience. 

4. Escalante Yurts are Heated and Cooled for Your Comfort

The heating and/or cooling situation is another variable that’s important so you can plan appropriately. Escalante Yurts are fully heated and cooled so that you stay comfortable no matter what time of year it is. 

Other yurt providers, however, may provide a wood stove for heating the yurt, but little beyond that. In that case, you’ll want to make sure you bring warm clothing for inside as well as for outside. 

5. The Size of the Yurt

One final important thing to know is what size your yurt is. That’s important so you can plan for the size of your party. Escalante Yurts offers a range of yurt sizes and rooms that will accommodate between four and seven people. So feel free to bring your kids or your friends. 

With other providers, you may only get one size, so you’ll have to plan accordingly. That might mean renting a second yurt or getting a little closer to one another! 

Escalante Yurts – A Cut Above

At Escalante Yurts, we don’t leave out the glamor in glamping. We strive to make sure we can accommodate all of your needs in a safe, comfortable setting. You can find out exactly what you get on our website. We believe you’ll like what we have to offer, so book your stay today.