Have you heard about yurts? A yurt, or ger, is a round tent supported by an expandable latticework structure. They’re traditionally covered and insulated in felt or animal skins. Several nomadic groups living in the steppes of Mongolia use them as dwellings, but that’s not the only way they can be used. 

You might never have thought about a yurt being part of your vacation plans. If so, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Let’s explore why yurts need to be part of your summer vacation plans. 

Yurts Offer a Unique Glamping Experience

In recent years, a number of alternative housing options have come to light. People are exploring tiny houses, RV living, and more. Yurts have become a popular option, but they’re not just for housing. 

A yurt can also make for an incredible, unique glamping experience. Covered in insulated canvas material instead of felt or animal skins, they’re easy to heat and cool. They also offer a larger, more comfortable alternative to traditional tent camping.

Escalante Yurts’ Fully Equipped Yurts Need to be Part of Your Summer Vacation Plans

While not all yurt glamping options come with fully equipped yurts, Escalante Yurts offers all the amenities in yurts of different sizes. Each yurt has a private bathroom and, at a minimum, a kitchenette. 

The larger yurts come with a full kitchen, a private bathroom, and more than one room. All of their yurts have a private patio for your enjoyment and cozy bedding for your comfort. There’s nothing like having a comfortable bed and a private bathroom while on vacation, and Escalante Yurts even gives you a hearty breakfast to start your day! 

Escalante Yurts are Climate-Controlled for Comfort

Another feature offered at Escalante Yurts in southern Utah is a climate-controlled vacation. You can escape the summer heat by cooling down in a comfortable yurt, and if it gets cold at night (as it sometimes does in Utah), there’s heat to keep you warm. 

There’s nothing like being able to relax after a long day of hiking in your own private getaway where you can shower and cool down. That’s one big reason Escalante Yurts need to be a part of your summer vacation plans.

Location, Location, Location!

As the saying goes, location is everything, and Escalante Yurts has got you covered there too! Escalante Yurts is located in Southern Utah near several of the so-called ‘Mighty 5’ national parks.

This unique glamping location is near Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks. What’s more, they’re near access to several popular hikes in the area, like those down Hole-in-the-Rock Road, such as Peekaboo and Spooky Slot Canyons. 

If you’re looking for small-town charm, they’ve got that too, with the town of Escalante located nearby. There, you can enjoy local restaurants, friendly people, and a little local shopping before coming ‘home’ to your yurt to gaze at the unparalleled Southern Utah night sky. 

Escalante Yurts Need to Be Part of Your Summer Vacation Plans

Book your unique and luxurious glamping experience today! When you’re roasting marshmallows with fellow campers over one of our three communal fire pits, being amazed by the stunning scenery all around you, and enjoying a peaceful evening gazing at the stars on your own private patio, you’ll be glad you made Escalante Yurts a part of your summer vacation plans.