If you’re looking for family-fun activities in Southern Utah, you’re not going to be disappointed. The area boasts stunning scenery and various activities that the whole family will enjoy. What’s even better? Escalante Yurts is located in the middle of it all!

Here are 3 family-fun activities in Southern Utah that you can plan while staying at Escalante Yurts. 

1. Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is one of Utah’s ‘Mighty 5’ national parks. The park boasts breathtaking scenery and numerous geological wonders. The park is defined by a geological feature known as the Waterpocket Fold. 

Scientists call this feature a wrinkle in the Earth’s crust. It runs for 100 miles and was formed between 50 and 70 million years ago. It’s just one of the fascinating, beautiful, and educational features that your family will love seeing and learning about. 

There’s also no shortage of family-fun activities in this park. You can go for a hike and enjoy the amazing geological features all around you. You can visit the park’s petroglyphs belonging to the Fremont culture that occupied the area from about AD 300 – 1300. And there’s a neverending supply of night sky for stargazing.

Your kids can even become junior rangers by completing activities to earn a signed certificate and a free badge. All of these activities make this a great family-fun place to visit in Southern Utah.

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2. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is another one of the many family-fun activities for your Southern Utah trip. As with much of the area around Escalante, it has incredible geological features that give it its name. 

Among these are colorful sandstone cliffs that you’ll find soaring above narrow slot canyons, picturesque washes, and what seems like endless slickrock features. There are also prehistoric indigenous archaeological sites and even abandoned old Western movie sets. 

Family-fun activities in the area include plenty of hiking and cycling trails, rock climbing, and white water rafting. There are also numerous opportunities for educational excursions for you and your kids, and you can also go fishing. 

One of the best hikes to do with your family in this national monument is the Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons hike. They’re actually two slot canyons merged into one hike. They boast incredible sandstone features, arches, and more. Your kids will find plenty of tight crevices where they can play a true game of peek-a-boo! 

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3. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

If you’re looking for half a day to kill in the Escalante area, a great family-fun activity is to visit the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. What kid doesn’t love petrified wood?!

The park has a trail that you and your family can hike to see plenty of petrified wood along the way. Everyone will be able to clearly see the difference between petrified wood and other rocks. 

The sun can be unforgiving in the area, but luckily, there’s also a reservoir that is full of cool, deep water where you can go for a refreshing dip. There’s even a dock you walk out on and jump off of for swimming. 

If that’s not enough, there’s also a junior ranger program for your children. Bring plenty of water and your swimsuits to fully enjoy what the park offers. 

Escalante Yurts is in the Middle of the Family-Fun Activities in Southern Utah!

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